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Rancho Murieta Airport Flight Services

KRIU Information

Self-Serve Fuel

  • 24 hours, all major credit cards accepted
  • Jet A $6.65
  • AvGas 100 LL – $7.00


Rancho Murieta Airport is a small privately owned Airport that receives no federal or state funding.  We are in total support of General Aviation, but it costs money to maintain the runway and supporting facilities.  We ask only for a small fee to land and park at Rancho Murieta Airport.  These fees are not a revenue source for the Airport, but used for maintenance purposes on an annual basis to keep the Airport open in perpetuity.

  • Daily Parking – $10.00 per day
  • Landing Fees – Charged per landing.
  • Piston Single – $25.00
  • Piston Twin – $40.00
  • Turbo Props – $75.00
  • Jets – $100.00

All landings must be a full stop, Rancho Murieta Airport does not permit touch and goes.  If a touch and go is performed it will be considered a landing and the applicable fee will be charged.

  • Landing Fees may be paid at the time of service at the airport, payment envelopes and a payment box can be found in front of the Airport office, if they are not paid at the time of landing an invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the aircraft.

Airplane Rentals and Flight Training

Rancho Murieta Airport Facility